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Heading East

This is pretty much the day I wait for all summer and actually all year. It’s like the official start of summer and a true feeling of escape and relief. I am finally headed to the place where I feel most myself and most comfortable. It is the day we leave for Cape Cod! I’m really psyched to see my family and to have Sawyer see his cousins. I am looking forward to meeting my new niece, Georgia, too. As with any family, we have our moments and sometimes those moments are more annoying than others. But, whenever we head East, it is a bit of a Homecoming. I miss the rhythms of life on the East coast. I love the sounds and sights and places that conjure up strong memories – both good and bad. This is prime cherry season out here in Hood River. We got a few pounds at the Farmer’s Market last week and the sight of the shiny, red cherries ready to eat took me back to the beaches of Cape Cod. I used to go to West Dennis Beach on my own the summer following senior year at BC. It was a freedom-affirming experience each weekend. It kind of surprised me to return there. But, I was in a bit of a holding pattern after college and I think the comfort and familiarity of the sands provided calm that my soul needed – especially then. I used to stop at the grocery after a long day at the beach soaking up the sun and resting in the sad and buy a big bag of cherries. Usually, there was a long ride back to Newton with the Sunday night exodus over the bridge. So, the whole way back, I would munch the cherries, turn the music up and spit the pits out the open window onto Route 6. It was as if I was leaving a reminder so I’d know the way next time. But, I always knew the way. I still do. As I sit here now, while the path is different, my heart is full of the same lovely anticipation of a warm hug and the familiar lilt of my mother’s voice. And, I can’t wait to sink my toes into that timeless and comforting sand.